Private Hangouts on Air - Tricky but Possible

Possible but Tricky

Check out how can a Hangout on Air be created which would be recorded and posted to YouTube once the event would be over - and which would be a privately streamed event, so that only people whom the broadcaster has provided access will be able to watch. The video which is posted to the YouTube channel of the broadcaster will also be private by default.

What future features could make Facebook Hashtags different?

A Future Feature Wish List

Facebook Hashtags are introduced recently, I liked that, and I already have a future feature wish List! See what Future Features can make the Facebook Hashtags different from Twitter or Google+.

Hashtags on Facebook - to Ignore or to Exploit

Can Facebook Hashtags be Different?

Should you Ignore the Facebook hashtags? Or exploit the potential? What could be the potential of a feature that is already over used on so many other platforms?

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