Clip-arts with Stylized Digits for New Year!

2019 Purple Liquid Metal

2019 Digits in Liquid purple on marble black background

A purple 2019 clip-art with liquid metal like appearance - glowing softly as it catches the light at the edges.

Dark Black marble background. 

2019 Digits Cut from Crumpled Green Paper

Crumpled Green Paper texture 2019

Are you working on an Origami related project? This clip-art could be the perfect fit for you. The crumpled paper texture gives it a realistic paper look.  

Watercolor clip-art 2019 in shades of Violet

Violet Watercolor 2019 with Brush Script

Watercolor in digital artwork has become too popular. Probably because it gives that handmade, unique touch to otherwise flat digital images. 

This clipart features 2019 written on a curve with watercolor in shades of violet. The watercolor texture along with the unique edgy font gives it a feel of brush script.

Mystic Green Light 2019 Digits

Green light Glowing digits 2019

If your new year project for the year 2019 has a mystic look and feel about it, you could try this clip-art. It has this evil green glow, or it could be not evil but full of secrets. The font is a special one too, giving the digit two a snake-like look. Snake-like and Green... Reminds you of something? Create your own version of World of Witchcraft.


Streaks of Lava Light 2019 Digits

Streaks of Lava Light 2019 Digits

This clip-art with digits of the new year 2019 has a special aura. It appears as if someone has used a sword to cut through the surface to bring out the molten lava streaks creating 2019. 

Happy New Year!

Leather Textured 2019 Digits - Yellow

Clip-art 2019 Leather Cut Digits Stitched Edges

A clip-art for the new year 2019. This clip-art has Leather texture, and the edges are stitched. In Soft shades of yellow, the cuts in the digits give it a unique feel.

The image has an alpha channel. So the background is transparent. 

Smashing Hot Lava - 2019 Text

Smashing hot lava 2019 Clip-art

Smashing 2019 Clip-art - Hot Lava flowing through the Digits. It has a charcoal Black Textured Background.

Red Grunge Textured 2019 Digits with Foliage Background

2019 clip-art with Red grunge textured look

New Year Projects come in all shapes and sizes, colors and feel. If you are looking for a 2019 clip-art with that grunge textured look, check out this clip-art. It has a background with character - Foliage. And the branches seem to cut through the digits giving it a desolated look. 

2019 Golden Glowing Shiny Digit Text

digits 2019 in a bright golden 3d style

Looking for that perfect match for your New Year Project? Check out this clip-art with digits 2019 in a bright golden 3d style. It has a subtle aura around it which lits the black background in at the vignette edges. The sharp dramatic edges of the text/digits give an extra charm to the clip-art.  

2019 3d Text Digits Laying Flat Red Orange

2019 3d Text Digits Laying Flat Red Orange

The New year eve is just around the corner. Here is a 3d Image displaying digits 2019 in a gorgeous style. The digits are laying back flat lazily. Happy New Year 2019!

PS: This image has an alpha channel. Enjoy the transparent background.

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