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Awesome Futuristic Design Bundle at

It seems that I have begun a never-ending journey, a quest for amazing fonts and graphics. I have developed this insatiable desires for these stunning graphics and fonts. And I don’t think I am alone. I have seen posts from people who are complaining that they have more fonts than they can use in one lifetime, and yet they are unable to stop themselves from acquiring more. So for all such fellow creative heads (long live this frenzy), here is a brand new bundle from It’s called the Futuristic Design Bundle
The name is intriguing indeed, and so are the graphic assets and fonts included in the bundle.
Let’s cover the fonts first. 

7 Unique Font Families

I have a great collection of script fonts now. I absolutely love them because of the flow and the character they bring to my projects. But every now and then, a font with a calligraphic touch, but without the connections that a script font grabs my attention and my mind overflows with the possibilities. This bundle has seven font families, and all of them are unique, having a queer quality about them. My favorite is Fatso. I love the thick stroke of this handwritten font. I would like to see how well can I incorporate show through pictures with this delicious fat stroke. 
As a contrast to this one, Blushes and Crimson have a delicately thin aura about them which makes them perfect for the subtle effect that’s required in many projects. 
Dew, on the other hand, has a funky feeling to go with it and a shadowy companion to enhance it.
With such complimentary characteristics the fonts of the bundle would have been enough to make it quite desirable, but wait there’s more. 
Let’s now begin with the graphics. 

The Royal Touch with Monograms

The Vintage Letter A to Z by Graphic Spirit is just fabulous with all the entangled intricacies in the designs around the letters. A collection of whopping 2902 letter images provided in PNG and vectors formats is absolutely stunning. The shiny metal look they have chosen for presentation is an effective lure. They have illustrated a few ways we can use these but I think they can be used in any project where you want to insert a touch of royal grandeur. 

For the Love of Watercolor 

If like me, you love the rich texture variations that digitized watercolor elements and textures bring to the table, you will love this bundle even more. It’s kinda jam-packed with various watercolor goodies from different designers. 
First of all, welcome rabbits with cute scarves and garments with polka dots. In this watercolor rabbits collection by Pinata, you will also find wreaths and plants and some other animals who will join the colorful party. I think I will enjoy the floral patterns too.     
Next, we have Aqua Mellon Artistic toolkit by Milka, with 100+ individual assets including textures, splashes, vector elements etc.  I have ample amount of textures, but bright colors in this one and the fabulous color combinations makes it very appealing. 
Vatican Dream Flower Design Set by DealFuel doesn’t mention watercolor, but it looks quite like watercolor elements. The blends in the florals are simply beautiful, and variation in colors used is stunningly diverse. The embellished frames are both a bonus and a how-to-do-it the right way guide in my humble opinion. The designer has included the individual elements as well as seamless pattern tiles. I love the absence of seams, makes my workflow pretty seamless. 
There are some Procreate watercolor brushes and a hand lettering kit too by Sinikka Li. But we will now talk about this designer’s high res watercolor background package and “What a color!” watercolor texture kit. The backgrounds mention ocean blue and most of them have this feathered texture details, making them unique and giving them a quirky look. The 80 high-resolution textures in the “What a color!” watercolor texture kit are equally divided into cool and warm colored textures but I think each one looks hot with that defined watercolor edge.

Grace My Pins

There are also some goodies for Pinterest and Instagram lovers — templates in gold and rose gold to make your shares shine with grace.    
For the Procreators
If, like many other artists you have found the pleasure in drawing with the  Procreate app on iPad, there are a lot of goodies for you in this bundle. Grunge texture brushes, Smudge Brushes, and even some watercolor brushes. There is even more, just check out the bundle page for all other details.  
Future looks Fancy with Sci-Fi
I wondered why is this bundle called Futuristic. While the bundle description mentions the design elements have the diversity to stand the test of time, I think that there might be another reason. There is a definite SciFi feel attached to some packs with all the abstract shapes and objects having shiny color palettes.
MiksKS has included 20 landscape maps, and a tutorial to use them as well (in Cinema 4D), and then when you scroll down you see the crystal Sphere and many other elements with an awesome metallic sheen.
Next up are the black and gold polygons. The perfect contrast of shiny gold and textured black make these shapes a suitable fit when you want to add that strong character to your project. I love the rough texture, and that the black still looks as elegant as the gold does.
Rendered at high resolution, these elements can definitely add to the mystic characters in any projects related to sci-fi, technology and of course future, or we can use them to just add some 3d swagger. 
And if you don’t want the 3rd dimension, just take a look at the Space Dreams Graphic Collection by Pinata. The various animals having fun during the space adventure will be awesome for anything you design for kids who at some point or other in their childhood are fascinated by planets and solar system, rockets, and aliens.   

Get the Glow with Glitter  

There are some gorgeous packs by Digital Curio. The blue and silver florals have rich details in petals and embellished with shiny silver foliage, they become quite irresistible. The sheer gold curtains are ready to reveal sheer glitter to any projects.
I loved the intricate textures of the holly leaf skeletons. But as if this didn’t make the bundle tempting enough already, we have vintage ornaments in old gold design elements pack. The pale blue and pearl graphics can actually become the salient attraction of a wedding theme collection. Then comes the shimmering dust overlays. Next time when I want to add a fantastical feeling to any of my images, I’ll look no further than these. 
And finally, the last (but not the least) pack of this bundle, the Luxury Floral Burgundy Chairs. The velvety rich texture and saturated color of the chairs are undoubtedly luxurious. There are many other packs by Digital Curio with even more glitter. So may our projects shine.

Can't Wait to Grab My Copy

The bundle is so huge, that I couldn’t give a mention to each package included. But I did try my best to share the reason why I can’t wait to grab my copy of this bundle. There is so much that can be achieved with all these resources. For creative heads, I am sure it is a treasure. Long live our quest and may we find more of such treasures.