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Website Review:

Website Review:
And information about an amazing Graphics Bundle

When I think about it, it doesn’t seem so long back when I was looking for beautiful fonts to create eCards for UV Greetings, my eCard website. I didn’t know then, that something called Script fonts existed, nor was I aware of the sheer force that the ready to use design elements industry had become. Design elements featuring beautiful watercolors became my absolute favorite, along with fantastical fonts having extra glyphs, Swirly letters, flourishes and the doodles generously added by the Font smiths.

Of course, these resources were prone to hit the pocket pretty bad, so when I found an economical bundle or a freebie, my joy knew no bounds. One of the websites which have provided such joy time and again is Although their name includes the word hungry, they actually exist to satiate the hunger for designs and fonts.

Logo of
A Cool Logo - This Bear definitely doesn't look Hungry though

I love the intuitive and user-friendly design of their website — quite thoughtfully created User Interface. The Menu items are divided into two bars, the second one being the sub-menu. Actually, it is the expansion of the "Shop" Menu Item from the first bar replicated to provide quick access to product categories. They have grouped the products for sale in a very thoughtful, useful, way which makes it very easy to navigate the website and look for the exact category of products the visitor is interested in.

They have categories like Add-Ons where one can find brushes and plugins which will aid designers in creating visually appealing artworks, Crafters which is home for all sort of ready to use goodies like borders, flourishes, shapes, craft fonts etc., Fonts which is further divided so that different types of fonts (Script, Serif, San Serif) can be located easily, Photos which feature professional quality high resolution pictures for your projects which are again divided into easy to navigate categories. There are also categories for Graphics, Themes, and Templates, all these categories combine to create a truly heavenly space for designers and crafters. Here is a preview of one of the products they feature under Textures, a subcategory of Graphics.

Beautiful Set of Watercolor Textures @

Apart from these individual products, they have the ‘bundles’ which were mentioned earlier. They are carefully and contextually curated, highly economical groups of different products sold at heavy discounts. These bundles are only available for a limited time before they expire. I’ve grabbed few of them for my projects and I can safely say that I am a quite satisfied customer. A current bundle which is just loaded with amazing products that actually so beautiful that they will have all your designer senses drooling. Here is a link to the product and preview of few of the stunning products involved.

The Mystical Forest Bundle
A Mesmerizing Bundle of Stunning Resources

Once you register, they send you emails which not only notify you about new fantastic deals but also let you ‘feast your eyes upon’ (that used to be the tagline inside the mailers) the new products which enter the shop. When you purchase something, you can go to the Purchases section of your account where you can download your purchased files. That's another cool thing, you can see all your previous purchases here, and if you’ve lost something, you can re-download it too. But be careful, freebies are direct downloads, and once a freebie expires, you can’t access it. So it’s great if you keep backup of all your resources. Here is a preview of the current freebie.

Check this cool font @

There is one thing that I would want them to work on though. Once we download a file, it gets unzipped automatically (on mac os at least) and it has a weird, very long number as the name of the folder. If they could create the zip in such a manner that the title is something legible, including the name of the product and the website name, that would be great. Of course, we can rename it, but more often than not, downloads are background processes, and if because of any reasons we forget to renames the files, they can be confusing at a later date. Just a small improvement which will make it quite convenient for the users.

So, if like me, you’re interested in, or rather hungry for quality resources and cool freebies too, don’t forget to register with